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***On the single person trips ($150 or $225 4 hrs), there is a possibility that I will bring one more customer to make a trip of 2 (affordable option).  Private single trips are available ($300 option below) A trip of 2 or more will be private.  If I am booked on my calendar and you are a single, give me a call as I may have a spot open.  If you decide to bring your own kayaks, they should be fully rigged and legal:  Anchor that will hold (8-10 pound mushroom anchor works best), 360 light, paddle/pedal drive, grips/net, pliers, PFD(Life Jacket) & whistle, stringer/cooler, measuring device, rod and reel, & fishing license.  If you bring your own kayak you can continue fishing and stay out there after the cut off time(4 hrs.) if you choose but my guide service responsibilities will end at that point.  Pedal drive kayaks are highly recommended but if you want to bring a paddle kayak and are capable of paddling against the wind, then I am Ok with that.  My short trips are up to 2 miles one way.
  Motor trips are an option now but only if you have your own motorized kayak and would like to make a 3-5 mile one way trip (6 hour trip below). You must be experienced and confident with your motor kayak to make these long trips and know that your battery will last.  I only have a motor for my kayak but I have 2 extra pedal drive kayaks available that come fully rigged and legal, for the shorter trips.  If you need rods they are included or you can bring your own.  Just let me know to bring you rods.  One of my kayaks can handle up to a 220 pound person and the other one can handle up to a 340 pound person.  I decide the day before where we will fish based on weather patterns and I will send you a text the day before the trip with instructions/launch area.  I decide what is fishable conditions, keeping in mind I will reschedule at no charge if the conditions look too bad, based on my experience.  There is a $150 fee, if you should have to cancel/reschedule.  Kids under 13 years old must wear PFD(life Jacket) at all times on the water.  Fish Regulations:  Speckled Trout 17-23 inches, 3 per day. Redfish 20-28 inches, 3 per day.  Black drum 14-30 inches 5 per day.  Flounder 15 inches, 5 per day (flounder closed Nov 1st-Dec 14th).  If you don't see an option below that fits you call me.  By booking you agree to these terms.***
Thank you and tight lines. I look forward to fishing with you!

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