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Captain Justin Coghlan

      I moved to the Aransas Pass/Rockport Texas areas back in 2019 to completely start my life over again.  I've had a passion for fishing since I was a small child.  It has always been a way for me to get away from everyday life.  When I'm on the water, I have a sense of peace and joy, still to this day, that I can't explain.  That passion has lead me through some really difficult times throughout my life.  I was new to inshore fishing when I moved here but with time on the water, hard work and dedication, I got really good at finding the fish.  I have grown to really love the challenges that inshore fishing provides.  It's not always easy as conditions change on a daily bases.  There are 4 rules that I have learned and fish by when it comes to inshore fishing that helps me to be a successful fisherman.  1. Find the bait activity  2. Fish through that activity and cover water.  3. On a low activity day, spot jump structure where I have caught fish at many times before.  4.  Read the water and signs.  

      I was a freshwater fisherman growing up but some of the same techniques rolled over to inshore and the rest I have learned mostly on my own.  I became a full time kayak guide in May of 2021.  We have made a lot of really great memories fishing from the kayaks!  I have learned that kayak fishing can be really hard on my customers.  The wind is not very friendly down here and I don't like seeing them struggle as a new kayak fisherman.  I wanted a way to put them on fish that was more enjoyable and easier, with less work and effort on us all.  So... I am now a brand new Captain as of May 2024 and I look forward to the new adventures and the memories we will share with each other out on the water.  I am patient and understanding and willing to teach you anything that you ask of me.  

​      Born in Houston Texas.  Graduated Alvin High school.  I worked as a landscape irrigator for over 15 years.  Foreman and owner of my own landscape company for 8 years.  I've worked for other landscape companies running crews for commercial properties.  I can design, bid, and install irrigation as well as fish, but those days are long gone.  I started my YouTube channel in May of 2020 just as a hobby and to help other fisherman catch fish by giving them tips and advise through my videos.  Deep down God had bigger plans for me, and when God puts something in my heart that stays, I can't help but go with it.  Quitting my full time job as an irrigator to become a full time fishing guide was scary for me, but I had a really strong feeling that it was that time.  I thank him multiple times a day, every day, that I am doing what I truly love and making a living on His water.  I named my business Clean Fun Fishing after my sobriety.  My sobriety date is September of 2017 and I haven't looked back ever since.  I do not allow drugs or alcohol on my trips.  Being clean and sober has opened up a whole new world for me that I now live for...Fishing!  It's an experience that I would love to share with you!    

      I've had ups and downs in life but I am finally where I need to be...On the water.  Let's go get them lines tight!!   

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