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Fishing From The Boat Artificial Or Bait

Enjoy a morning on the water aboard my 18 foot Freedom Patriot flats boat.  It's size will comfortably fish with me and up to three customers fishing from the boat.  As an artificial and bait guide, I will provide EVERYTHING that is needed for you to fish from the boat:  Rod and reels, lures, tackle and gear, water and Gatorade, sun screen, bug spray, bait, life jackets... Just hop on board.  If you want to bring your own gear, please keep it as minimal as possible and no more than 4 rods total.     

Wade Trips Artificial Only

If you want to wade fish, you will need to bring all of your own wading gear including:  Two rod and reels per customer max, stringer or fish bag, net, tackle, pliers, fish grips, scissors, measuring device, wade tackle box, waders when it's cold, wade boots and or stingray guards.  I will have extra lures and back up rods on board if needed.  I can carry up to 3 adults to wade fish.   


I promote releasing but you can keep fish if you like and I will clean them for you.  We will meet at the ramp 30 minutes before sunrise to go over safety and get rigged up.  The trips are 5-6 hours overall.  We will launch off at the first sign of safe light and be back in by 11:30 am.  Winter hours will differ.  I will send you instructions, when I get off the water, the day before the trip, on the exact time and where to meet.  There will be absolutely no alcohol, drugs or weapons on my boat.    

The areas I fish:  I fish from Portland to Rockport and everything in between including Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Redfish Bay, Copano Bay, Port Bay, Nueces Bay, St. Charles Bay and more.  If you need a Hotel, Aransas Pass is the center of it all and will put you within 25 minutes of everything that I fish.    


There is a $200 deposit included in the price of the trip that is non-refundable if you should have to reschedule or cancel.  If I decide the weather is too bad we will reschedule at no charge.  If you are unable to reschedule due to weather I will refund the whole trip amount.  

Don't forget your fishing license.  I look forward to fishing with you!  Thank you and tight lines! 

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